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ReLink Care

ReLink Care is a breakaway connector, designed to increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency of IV therapy in healthcare settings. The device fits seamlessly in current standard-of-care settings by being connected between the IV line and extension line leading to the catheter using standard luer fittings.

ReLink Care is CE approved and available for sale.

ReLink Care -a breakaway connector for IV lines

The problem with intravenous (IV) therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is the most common invasive procedure in modern healthcare, with fluids being delivered directly into the vein through a catheter.

Research shows that 16.6 billion IV lines and 1.5 billion IV catheters are being used annually across the world today.  Out of all these infusions, 10% will fail from the IV catheter being forcefully ripped from the patient’s vein during infusion. On top of this, another 30% of the catheters will not reach their intended dwell time based on other mechanical complications.



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In summary, with today’s standard of care, 40% of IV catheters will fail from mechanical complications such as phlebitis, infiltration and dislodgement.    IV catheter failure results in, e.g., patient injury and increased risk for infection, loss of fluid resources and healthcare personnel exposure to hazardous drugs. It also creates additional work for healthcare personnel, with up to 18-44 mins of additional nursing time required to tend to the patient, handle spilled fluids and reinstate the infusion.



Infusion stability with ReLink Care

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ReLink Care is a sterile, single-use breakaway connector, designed to increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency of IV therapy in healthcare settings.

Its unique design features double-sided, self-sealable valves, with weak link activation to protect the catheter placement site and prevent loss of fluid resources. The pull force required to separate the ReLink Care parts has been optimised through rigorous testing to protect the catheter dwell site.

ReLink Care is specially engineered to enhance infusion stability by keeping connections of IV catheters to the patients with a controlled break and predictable results.

After separation, ReLink Care is easily replaced by a new sterile device to restore therapy.

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ReLink Care includes

Breakaway connector

A non-invasive method to reduce IV catheter loss resulting from mechnical complications

Self-sealing valves

The two halves are equipped with self-sealing valves 

ReLink Care advantages

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Keeping patients and
nurses safe

Reduces risk of patient injury from IV catheter loss. Lowers risk for nurses to be exposed to spilled blood and toxic drugs. Reduces exposure time during treatment of infectious patients.

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Efficient and smart IV therapy

Quickly resuming therapy unlocks valuable nursing time and saves healthcare costs. ReLink Care comes in a single size simplifying its use, management, and procurement.

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Supports accurate drug delivery

Avoiding spillage ensures correct infused volume. Fast and easy resumption of therapy supports adherence to time sensitive treatment protocols.


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